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    Safari has a built-in password manager that can autofill website usernames and passwords for you.

    • Adam W. Metzler

      Adam W. Metzler

      Keychain is really nice but the only issue is if you are cross-platform it won’t help much. If you live in just the Apple world for 99% of people Keychain is great. The advantage with LastPass or something similar is the ability to share password with a spouse for example. I have a folder shared with my wife in LastPass and anything I save to that she can automatically see it. Most of the mainstream password managers have that feature which for me is really nice.

      I also have to maintain passwords for myself and for work. LastPass allows me to have 2 separate accounts and I can link them. When the time comes when I retire I can unlink them and the new tech guy will have all the passwords in a secure program.



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